Gilles Guerraz, DP :

Hi anamorphic enthusiasts,

here is my latest work as a DP, for Nowness China.

I shot in 3K anamorphic on the Ursa Mini Pro, with :
– Mir 1B 37mm 2.8
– Contax Zeiss 50mm 1.4
– Contax Zeiss 85mm 1.4
– Moller 32/2 + FMJ
– Elmo II
– Rectilux Hardcore DNA
– (way too) cheap diopters

We paired the Mir 1B with the Elmo II for the widest shots and used the Contax Zeiss lenses + Moller 32/2 for the rest.

We lit the day interior with a joker bug 800.
The night interior was lit with an Aputure cob120D + warm gel, an Astera Led Tube and a small Amaran-like led panel with red gel.

Everything shot in Prores 422HQ.

I’m overall happy with the results, especially with the night shots.
I feel the day interior is weaker, especially in the wide shots (I didn’t manage to get the focus right, shame on me), put the talent too close from the wall and didn’t manage to get rid of the visually boring parts of the location.
We’ll do better next time.

It’s the first time I really had to use my set of cheap diopters (14,99$ each on ebay). +1 and +2 are okay, then they get less and less usable.
Because we wanted to experiment, we used a +8 for some shots
it ended up being completely unusable. Reminded me of an experienced DP telling me he preferred shooting spherical for macro shots, even if the rest of the project was shot on anamorphics.

At first, I was afraid by the second location, the one for the night scene. It was a tiny kitchen with a round table in the middle.
It turned out it looked way better than I had expected.

The video was shot in one day. I had my good friend Jean-Côme Bouden helping me with the camera, lenses and lighting.

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